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  • Webmin Modules [HTTP] [FTP]
    • createhomedir, a home directory utilizing Webmin's RPC features to remotely create home directories.
    • Directory_Mgr, a directory management module. (Not yet released.)
    • amavis_users, a module to manage spam and anti-virus settings for amavisd-new in an SQL server.
  • LNXS, a server and appliance-oriented Linux distribution. Note: Development on LNXS has stopped.
  • df-histogram is a patch against 'df' in GNU fileutils 4.0 to create a histogram showing percentages of used space. [HTTP] [FTP]
  • knightrider is a program to blink the Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock keys in Linux in a manner reminiscent of Kit, the car from Knightrider. Makes a nice new e-mail notifier. [HTTP] [FTP]
  • gwswitch, a bash/ksh script to monitor a primary and a secondary gateway and switch the host's default route accordingly. [HTTP] [FTP]
  • Cyrus IMAP, some re-writes in Perl of Tcl scripts from Managing IMAP. [HTTP] [FTP]
  • BSD-Scripts, ports of daily scripts from FreeBSD to Red Hat Linux. (Badly in need of an update.) [HTTP] [FTP]

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